The Presenters Credibility | Corporate Peformance Seminar

Since 1995, Clinton Gahwiler has headed up the psychology practice at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) in Newlands, Cape Town. During this time he has focused on the two broad areas of sport psychology and health psychology.

Within the sporting context Clinton has worked with many of South Africa’s top individual athletes and teams from cricket, rugby, soccer, golf, and many other sporting codes, and was also psychologist to the overall Team South Africa at the 1999 All Africa Games and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Within the health and wellness setting, he has consulted to and run many programmes and interventions, including within the areas of stress management, weight management and cardiac rehabilitation. In this context the aim is to help clients make positive changes to their lifestyle and health, in a way that they are able to maintain over the longer-term.

This seminar combines Clinton’s expertise in sport and health psychology. His style of work is brief, practical and solution-focused in manner, with the aim of making clients independent of the psychologist.

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