Course Format of the Performing Mind programme

Performing Mind is an e-mail based mental skills training programme for sport. The programme is presented in the form of 10 short modules, of 5 – 10 pages each). Each module consists of:

  • the relevant theory

  • real case examples

  • guidelines and practical steps

  • an assignment (written and/or applied), on which you report back to us

  • personal feedback from us (regarding the above assignment)

Athletes receive the modules one at a time, once a week, via e-mail. Athletes have 5 days in which to read the module and do the assignment. They then send this assignment back, and two days later they receive feedback to it, together with the next module.

Reality check..!

The Performing Mind programme will provide you with the all the (on- and off-field) information that we believe to be necessary, in order for you to consider yourself mentally well prepared. There is however a critical difference between having the information, and actually applying it. So while we can provide the information and guidelines towards its use, it is you the athlete who needs to actually work with and apply it.

And not just once – mental skills respond to practice just like technical skills. The strategies and concepts need to be consistently applied over a period of time, until such point as they become habits. So the extent to which they make a difference in your sport and life, ultimately depends on you.

To this end, each module includes an assignment. The assignments consist of questions which require written answers, and / or practical exercises. These are not designed to stress you out and add to your workload, but rather to check that you have properly understood and thought about the material, and have in fact started to apply it in your own sport. To put it bluntly - if you are not serious about understanding and actually implementing the information, then you may be wasting time and money registering for this programme.

While Performing Mind is an educational tool consisting of standard modules, you will also receive personal feedback in response to your assignments. In this sense also – the more you apply yourself, the more you will get out of it.