Performing Mind Course Content and Topics

Finding your ideal performance state. Each module includes:

  • the relevant theory

  • real case examples

  • guidelines and practical steps

  • an assignment (written and/or applied), on which you report back to us

  • personal feedback from us (regarding the above assignment)

The 10 module headings are as follows:

Module 1. Introduction

Module 2. Motivation I: Goal-setting and success

Module 3. Mental toughness

Module 4. 'In the zone' - Finding your ideal performance state.

Module 5. Focus skills

Module 6. Arousal regulation: Self -calming and -psyching

Module 7. Confidence I: Projecting  an “aura”

Module 8. Developing a performance framework

Module 9. Self talk I – It matters what you think!

Module 10. Mental imagery