Coping with Injury

Injury is a common, yet very stressful occurrence in the career of any sportsman or woman. It's not just about being away from the activity they enjoy – injury in fact brings with it multiple losses on a number of levels. It can mean a loss of income plus additional financial costs, but there can also be losses eg on the social level and to one's self esteem. All of this and more – and in the absence of what is often one's method of coping with stress in general (ie involvement in sport).

Most injured athletes experience a range of different emotions, including irritability, demotivation and varying degrees of anxiety, depression and anger. Some athletes (for various reasons) even feel a sense of relief – and then feel guilty about that. The point is, all of these things are normal. What really matters, is that you respond well to these unfortunate circumstances, in spite of feeling down about it. With that in mind, make sure that you are able to tick the following boxes: 


  • If you haven’t yet, get a diagnosis from a credible professional. clinton thumbsup
  • Ask the medical professional - based on their past experiences - what the best and worst-case scenarios are likely to be.  clinton thumbsup
  • Accept what has happened - and - accept a degree of uncertainty about the way forward.clinton thumbsup
  • Get 100% clarity on your treatment & rehabilitation recommendations.clinton thumbsup
  • Commit fully to implementing these recommendations.clinton thumbsup
  • Stay in contact with the professional that prescribed your rehabilitation / medication, in order to adjust things in line with your progress.
  • Use the down-time for important things that you don’t normally get to. clinton thumbsup
  • Review and re-set your goals. clinton thumbsup
  • Stay patient and positive. clinton thumbsup

How strong is my need for achievement in sport, and how might this influence my performance and risk of injury? clinton thumbsup

Is there any reasonable way of lessening future risk of injury? clinton thumbsup

Are there any positives that either have or might yet come out of being injured?


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