Coping with Success

Success can at times be trickier to deal with than failure. Besides the excitement and celebration, it brings with it increased levels of pressure and attention. It can be disorienting, and foster uncertainty around who to trust. Even if you don't allow success to change you, it may well change how others relate to you.


  • Take time to appreciate and enjoy your achievement.
  • Keep perspective. clinton thumbsup
  • Acknowledge, and thank all who have contributed.
  • Reflect on, and learn from your success. clinton thumbsup
  • Stay true to yourself. clinton thumbsup
  • Nurture your most important relationships. clinton thumbsup
  • Draw and maintain appropriate boundaries. clinton thumbsup
  • Re-set your goals, taking care not to over-promise. clinton thumbsup


  • What are the less helpful ways in which athletes sometimes respond to success?
  • What are the more helpful ways in which athletes sometimes respond to success?
  • How might your success impact on those around you (positively and/or negatively)?
  • Are there any potential pitfalls associated with your success?
  • What can you do to lessen the risk of these?
  • What is the 'real you' - that which was around long before your success, and would continue to be around if one day the success were forgotten?


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