The Mind - Sports’ Final Frontier

Consider these two questions:

What proportion of your sports performance is determined by the mind rather than by physical factors? 

What proportion of your training is spent actually preparing the mind rather than the physical factors?


About the Under Pressure Documentary

Under Pressure is the working title of a documentary currently being filmed, which looks at stress and coping in elite South African sport.


Penalty taking in soccer – research-based guidelines for greater success

Last year the International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology published a review article on penalty-taking in soccer (Vol 6, 2013). In light of us having just entered the knock-out phase of the 2014 World Cup, I’ve pulled out a few interesting bits of information;


Performance Profiling

Performance profiling is a simple technique used by coaches and psychologists to increase athletes’ self awareness of the core qualities necessary for peak performance in a given sport. It often forms part of a goal setting process, and can be done either individually or in groups.